The Dinner Rush Phenomenon

The Bon is simply a great place to spend time with you and your friends. The atmosphere there is so peaceful. The cafeteria ladies are nice and the students say “please” and “thank you” to them. Throughout breakfast and lunchtime everyone is laughing and telling each other funny stories around the table. Indeed, the Bon is where you go to take a break.  The butterflies and little birdies flying in the hall are a sign that the Bon is a happy place to be.

However, when the clock strikes 6:30pm, the cafeteria faculty brace themselves for “the savage rush”. They suit up to protect themselves from the athletes, arm themselves with tranquilizers and they quadruple the food supply to feed the hungry mass. They’re always prepared before 6:30. If not, it’s already too late. To be unprepared is to be dead.

After expending all their energy at practice, the athletes do whatever they can to replenish themselves by scraping the Chef’s table clean and the buffet line as well. They even leave the chocolate milk machine dry. What happens is that they stand in line while watching people with food go by them. This only makes them more anxious and unease. When they can’t control their desperateness, they begin to prowl on all fours barking and howling like animals. The cafeteria turns into a jungle, full of predators scavenging for prey. When they fill their trays, they rush to a table with the rest of their clan members.

Then all of the sudden, after they devour their plates, they revert back into these calm, tranquil humans. It’s almost as if they don’t remember pouncing on each other for food a few minutes ago. All the athletes begin laughing, telling funny stories and how practice went for them. This is a phenomenon that’s been going around for month since I’ve been here and it’s only going to get worse unless it doesn’t get contained.

I’m an athlete myself. Should I be worried?


2 thoughts on “The Dinner Rush Phenomenon

  1. Wow. I really enjoyed the visual you provided for the chaos normally experienced at the Bon. I find it interesting how so many people, myself included, wrote about the Bon for this prompt. Perhaps food is something people enjoy for consumption, as well as a topic of writing. Haha.
    Jokes aside, this was truly a great read, in my opinion. Awesome job!

  2. This blog was awesome. It gives any reader imagery while reading it. The Dinner Rush is super crazy in the Bon. 6:30 is the best time to get dinner in my opinion but it seems like others have that same opinion. This was a great topic to write about; I didn’t expect this topic to be discussed. Great job.

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